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27 October 2005 @ 11:44 pm
It's been awhile since anything's happened on here o_o;

ANYway! I bring fanfic recommendations, from the Pit of Voles! Because there is some good stuff in there, you just have to dig down deep for it, and wear protective goggles to shield your eyes from all the Sues and OOCness ("The goggles! They do nothing~!").

First off! The Lesser of Four Evils - After Charlie turns down Wonka's offer to come to the factory, Wonka tries to clone a younger version of himself to be his heir, with unexpected results. This one kept me up half the night laughing ^^

Reparo - Because Willy Wonka acting *normal* is the scariest thing ever.

To Love a Riddled Puzzler - a woman from the Factory Inspection Agency comes by to have a look at Wonka's factory. Things get weird from there. It sounds like it should be a Sue, but against all logic, it's not. It's actually really well written! Her Wonka is dead-on, and the factory inspector is actually likeable. I haven't finished reading it yet (it's reeeally long), and I *think* it might turn into a romance later on down the line, but it's definitely worth checking out, especially for the author's hilarious take on Wonka's security system.

In Camelot - Dr. Wonka comes to dinner. Dun-dun-duuun!

I Think We're Alone Now - There isn't any way I can describe this without ruining it, so I'll quote from the author's summary: "When she finds the only Golden Ticket in the second contest, she's surprised to learn something about Wonka that she didn't know. There should be a farce setting here."
This is why Random_Battlecry is one of my favorite fic authors.

The Understanding - This is my second favorite fic of the bunch. It elaborates on Wonka's eventual decision to let the Buckets live in his factory. It's ridiculously well written, very funny, and gets Wonka's personality down perfectly.

I Like Grapes - This one is my absolute favorite of the bunch. Willy Wonka and Grandma Georgina have a conversation by the Chocolate River.

Ok, that's it!

Randomly, is anyone else dressing up as Willy Wonka for Halloween?
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A Thing Which May Or May Not Existyumegari on October 28th, 2005 03:07 am (UTC)
Heeee, yeah, I've read a few of those.

I was going to dress as Wonka for Halloween, but I ran out of money/got smacked with huge bills before I could finish buying everything I needed. >.< Suckage. Work schedule's also pretty much preventing any Halloween festivities this year. More suckage. Ah, well.
a blaze of light in every wordnano_moose on October 28th, 2005 06:09 am (UTC)
I would just like to add a fic - it is also WonkaOC, but it's great for two reasons. 1) Wonka is perfectly in character. 2) It's ridiculously well written.

Yeah. I was wondering if WonkaOC would even be allowed in this community. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2507279/1/
a blaze of light in every wordnano_moose on October 28th, 2005 06:24 am (UTC)
Graaaagh. I hate my subconscious. Sorry I copied your phrase almost exactly - schoolening drain me word...knowing list. Thing. Yeah.
Sheanafishbulb33 on October 28th, 2005 07:36 am (UTC)
Yeah, so sorry for not updating for a while. Alas, but college has kept me incredibly busy! I have one or two Wonka-ish drawings in mind, but no time to do them in. Le sigh.

Thank goodness for sensible fics!
artoveli on November 4th, 2005 01:57 am (UTC)
A couple more:
Here's one I've been enjoying lately: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2532076/1/

It's not high art perhaps, but it's got an interesting plot with a darker edge than most. It's also apparently not a romance, which is refreshing!

Also this one here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2547315/1/ is quite well written and funny. I was more than a little sceptical when I saw the description, but now it's one of my favorites!